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Welcome to the Chronicle’s of Croaria Wiki page everybody!

I am happy to announce that as of today, a brand new custom prestige class is available for this campaign that I have created myself. You as players will definitely be seeing it within my campaign as one of the NPC villains has the class and will be taking all 10 levels in the class to demonstrate just how powerful it really is. Introducing the new Soul Reaver prestige class!

If you would like to take this class in the future for your character or just want to have a look at it as a general option for you to consider taking, shoot me a message on Facebook, Otaku World or even on PhoenixCraft’s forums! All custom prestige classes or just classes in general that I create for this campaign will be available to the public and to the players of my campaign as a class option so feel free to try them out and use them to your heart’s content!

That’s all for today’s update! Stay tuned for more details on the status of the campaign’s creation and I hope to launch it and play it with you guys soon enough! ^^

- Jake Eisenhauer (DM/GM)