Calamity has befallen the peaceful planet of Croaria. Fire and Brimstone rains from the skies as the corpse of Ashukami the dragon of purity slowly decays and the Calamity Dragon Miralis lets out a fierce and dominant roar as he extinguishes the last of life on Croaria……..

But then the Fates take pity on a select few brave adventurers. Given a chance to prevent this future from happening, these few chosen “Chronomancers” only have one shot at preventing the extinction of life on Croaria and the apocalypse. Impeded by the Cult of Seath, those that would revive the Calamity Dragon for their own reasons, these brave adventurers will face all sorts of challenges in the forms of fierce monsters, dangerous dungeon traps and the darkness within their own hearts.

“Are you ready for your final journey?”

-Sigma, Megaman X4

Chronicle's of Croaria: Calamity's Finest Hour

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